Member Information

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Membership and Fees:

To swim with the Swedish Fish, swimmers have the following options:

Galter LifeCenter

  • Most of our swim practices happen at Galter LifeCenter. There are various membership and pass options. To learn about various options for swimming at Galter, email:

Northside College Prep / Northeastern Illinois University

  • Drop-In Pass: $10 Drop-In Fee to be paid using Chase QuickPay or Venmo to  

  • Season Pass: Not currently available

New Swedish Fish Checklist

  1. Register or Renew your United States Masters Swimming membership. 

    USMS provides our general liability insurance during practices. Every person in the pool at Galter LifeCenter, Northside College Prep or Northeastern, including the coaches and lifeguards, needs to be a member of USMS or this liability insurance is voided. 

    Sign up with these affiliations:

    • LMSC: Illinois

    • CLUB: Chicago Swedish Fish Masters (SWED)

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  4. Read our guide to Practice Etiquette