Practice Etiquette

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Every time a swimmer shows up to practice the coach’s goal is to have each swimmer have a positive experience in the water and ultimately get in good work out and have fun.  Having a positive experience and having fun begins with each swimmer (and coach) during each practice.

  1. If you are on time to practice, thank you! If you show up late (we are all adults and have busy lives and we come to swim because we want to be there) please check in with the coach before jumping into the lanes.   If you are entering the water in the middle of the set, it is important that you go at the back of the line in the lane.   Always align with the coach on deck before getting in.

  2. Each swimmer should leave 5 seconds apart from each other.  If you need to pass the swimmer in front of you, tap their feet and pass at the end of the lane.  Settling on the order of the swimmers is important at the beginning of the set as to not interrupt others during the set.  Please do not keep changing the order of the swimmers during the set, this interrupts the entire lane.

  3. We circle swim.  We only swim side by side if this is discussed with each swimmer before starting the set.

  4. Please stay on your side of the lane and be careful pushing off on the opposite side of the lanes.  We have narrow lanes – being conscious of where you are at in relation to the other swimmers is super important in our pool. 

  5. If the pace of the set is too fast talk to the coach. If the lane makes the adjustment to the interval, all swimmers in the lane should be made aware.  Remember swimming with faster swimmers makes us stronger swimmers!

  6. Talk to your lane mates about these rules during practice and always ask a coach for assistance if needed.

  7. Welcome all new swimmers as family and say hello  – it is what the Swedish Fish team is all about!!